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New Ambassador - Vanessa Teodoro

January 13, 2015

Proud to announce our new ambassador Vanessa Teodoro, aka The Super Van. Vanessa is, more than anything, an art person! Working as an illustrator and a fine artist, she also does advertising and graphic design in a very natural and gifted manner. As proof of her great work, she has already worked with several well-known brands, such as: Vodafone, IKEA, Canon, MTV, Redbull, Harley Davidson, Compal, Coach bags, among many others. She specially likes getting her hands dirty doing street art and is one of the few recognized female artists in Portugal. The strong colors, contrasts, irreverent characters, and a very detailed visual language, can describe her amazing work. Despite being born in South Africa 30 years ago, Portugal has definitely become her home and the ideal launch platform for her desire to travel around the world, and to increase the excitement around her form of art. Can’t wait to see her work? Check it out at http://www.thesupervan.com/


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