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When you buy 200EUR sunglasses, what are you paying for?

September 18, 2017

The materials they are made of? High quality lenses? original design? No. You're paying for an illusion of luxury and exclusiveness. You're paying for a logo. A logo that probably belongs to Luxottica.

This company designs, manufactures, distribuited and sets the price for almost every brand you know.

Yep. We were also shocked to know, specialy after watching this piece on 60 Minutes

That's why we created SKOG. The only brand that offers you cool, premium eyewear at a fair price. How?

We sell directly to you (no intermediaries, no retail markup).

We keep our struture small and light.

We refuse to comply with established designer brands methods.

We do it our way!

Our goal is to democratize access to high quality fashionable sunglasses. We want everyone to know that they can have premium eyewear at less than half of what premium eyewear usually costs. And thus use what they saved in other cool things, such as a dinner out, a book or tickets to a concert!

We also want our customers to have a brand that speaks to them as real people do. Because we see our customers as friends.

Join the alternative!


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