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Who are we?

Who are we?

SKOG is a Portuguese brand, born in 2014 to give all eyewear lovers what they always dreamed of: premium quality sunglasses at a lower price than premium designer brands.

We were fed up with having to choose between high quality designer brands and cheap eyewear, which can be cool looking but is also bad for our eyes. So we created SKOG with an innovative and rebel spirit in order to produce sunglasses with an iconic design, made from high quality, sustainable materials at an unbeatable price - average 50 EUR, including free worldwide shipping.

In other words, we are the alternative!


How do we do it?

We do it our way! We don’t want to be just another eyewear brand. We want to be a cool brand, social and environmentally responsible, honest and mindful of our clients’ needs.

The first step towards these goals was finding noble and sustainable materials to make our sunglasses from. That’s why we went for wood and cotton based acetate. We also decided to give back to Nature more than what we take, so we plant one tree for each pair of SKOGs sold, in association with the NGO Trees For the Future.

The second step was choosing high quality lenses, which made us opt for 100% UV protection polarized lenses. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare coming off asphalt, sand, water or snow. So, yeah, we had to have the best lenses.

Finally, we studied a business model that allowed us to have a final price way lower than that of equal quality brands: go exclusively online. This allows us to offer our clients a fair price by cutting out intermediaries that add no value and keeping our structure costs low.

Our business strategy was approved and financed on season one of Shark Tank Portugal, in 2015. So we must be doing something right.


What do we want?

We refuse to comply with established designer brands methods and markups. We’re not greedy, we’re not distant, and we’re not indifferent to the environmental impact of consumer goods.

We want to democratize access to high quality fashionable sunglasses. We want everyone to know that they can have premium eyewear at less than half of what premium eyewear usually costs. And thus use what they saved in other cool things, such as a dinner out, a book or tickets to a concert!

We also want our customers to have a brand that speaks to them as real people do. Because we see our customers as friends.

Wanna be our friend?



SKOG is owned by Available Tendency Lda, which is owned by SKOG Sunglasses Ltd.