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Wood Glasses

If you've never owned a pair a wood eyewear, there are probably several questions crossing your mind. After having sold a few thousand pairs all over the world, we believe most of the usual doubts will be answered below.

If we fail to address yours, just drop us a note at skog@skogeyewear.com and we'll reply in a matter of hours.


1. Are glasses made of wood comfortable?

We know that comfort is absolutely crucial for eyewear. Not only for sunglasses but particularly for prescription frames, that are usually worn for +10 hours per day. Rest assured that as soon as you put them on, you'll be amazed at how comfortable and surprisingly light they are. The hand polished wood provides a smoothness that some of our customers have compared to a baby's skin:). On top of that, we wax all SKOG's with a bee wax that increases the unique feeling of having something natural and organic in your face. 

2. Are they heavy?

They're lighter than a similar model made in typical materials worn in eyewear such as acetate

3. Are they fragile?

As with most products, there are good and bad products. For the majority of people, especially if you're buying online, it's hard to tell the difference. What we can say is that our new collections only use multilayer laminated wood, allowing for the strongest resistance. They won't resist everything you throw at them, like no other eyewear piece will so think twice before sitting on top of them by mistake, going around with them in your pocket/ purse and generically submitting them to unnecessary pressures. Not only will you protect the frame, but also avoid any scratch on the lenses (yes, we also hate that feeling of the 1st scratch!). And since we know accidents happen, if anything bad happens to your SKOG's, reach out to us and we'll fix them at a very affordable price (basically we just don't want to lose money doing the repair;)).

4. What about the lenses?

When we set out to create SKOG, we wanted to deliver an original product with a great price/ quality relationship (e.g. "a great deal"). One of the decisions was to select the type of lenses. We opted for polarized lenses. Why? Because they allow for a superior viewing experience, by reducing glare. Ours also provide full UV protection. Warning: you'll never the able to go back to nonpolarized lenses, that's how good our polarized lenses are.

5. Can my SKOG's get wet?

Yes and no. Yes, they can get some rain and no problem in going out for a run with them, since the protective coat ensures sweat won't harm them. As for diving at the beach, we honestly don't recommend. Also, try to avoid submerging them under water. The protective coating should keep you safe, but we don't promise miracles.

6. What's this thing where trees are planted when I buy a pair?

When we started SKOG, we knew we wanted to have a positive impact. That's why we did a partnership with the NGO Trees for the Future, resulting in two trees being planted for each SKOG sold.


We have more clarifications in the FAQ's in case these weren't enough to convince you. 


Since we sell mostly online, we get direct feedback from our customers. They are the ones who rate SKOG with a staggering 4.6 out of 5.0 (or to put it, in other words, 92% satisfaction). Trust us, you won't regret it.



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